Drag Racing at Barona Test N’ Tune Jan. 10 2009

Drag racing action from the eighth-mile pavement at Barona, CA. This was the 2009 season opener, with a Gamber Grudge race, and a Fast Car Shoot-Out featuring Rick Reynolds in the Pinto vs. Mike Hayden in his early Chevy Camaro. Unfortunately Mike got upside down in a freak one-car accident, and couldn’t make the race call. You’ll see Rick making a pass in this drag racing video, along with Barona stalwart John Leso, in his 4.80 index car. John ran some personal best e.t.’s, with a 4.71 at 145, 4.70 at 146, and a 4.71 at 146. His big block-powered altered also set low e.t. for the day. John builds and tunes engines for a number of people, including Pat in the VW-powered Fast Fiat, who makes a pass in this drag racing vid.

The MDRA drag racers brought out some fast bikes, they were preparing for their season opener at Fontana the following weekend. These drag racing motorcycles really get with the program, you’ll see some 127 mph passes in this drag racing video.

Here are the race results for the day:
Sportsman Gambler
Name Hometown Car Dial React ET Speed
WIN Trey Sommers Escondido 56 Chevy 6.61 0.013 6.701 96.24
R/U Rick Reynolds San Diego 77 Pinto 5.32 -0.022 8.024 56.07 Foul
Semi Ken Plouffe Temecula 94 Firebird 7.81 0.112 7.981 90.53
Semi Joe Adkins Bonita 70 Olds 7.67 0.017 7.787 88.51

Run For The Money
Win Dee Dethloff Escondido Dial -in: 7.53 ET: 7.57

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  1. Nice Video.

    The title should say “2009” though. 🙂