Quick 8 VW Drag Racing: PRA ’94, from Ocean Street Video

Back in the ’90’s, Quick 8 was the quickest and fastest VW drag racing class on the planet. These flat fours were usually custom-built to top-notch specs, using mostly aftermarket parts.

PRA ’94 profiles the radical Nitro-Methane fueled, dual-supercharged rail of Bonbright & Haire. This digger has to be seen and heard to be believed! The story continues with a close look at the turbocharged rail of VW Paradise in San Marcos, California, as they enter into an epic five-round Sacramento elimination with long time Quick-8 champions Dave Folts and Tom Schuh. It was the first time in years that someone had seriously challenged Folts and Schuh, and it started a rivalry that lasted for quite awhile.

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