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SCSN Pro Street Drag Racing Qualifying Round 4 2008

This is drag racing video of the fourth and final round of qualifying for the Street Car Super Nationals 2008 race. This round was do or die for the dozen or so cars that hadn’t yet made the 32-car elimination field. Among those still out in the cold was Steve Cook in his wheelstanding Plymouth Roadrunner, and Pro Street drag racing legend Monte Berney in Bertha II, his supercharged 1955 Chevrolet. In this drag racing video, you’ll see Doug Reed being pulled out the door of his 1957 Chevy muscle car, during which there was a small fire visible under the car. Doug was conscious throughout the ordeal, and he was not seriously injured. Here are the final qualifying results after this round of drag racing: See the full entry for this post &racquo;

SCSN Pro Street 3rd Round Qualifying 2008

Pro Street drag racing from the Street Car Super Nationals, third round of qualifying, 2008. This could be the best round of qualifying; Mike Moran runs a 6.15 e.t. at 246.57 mph, the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro gets real sideways coming out of the burnout box, Lyle Kennedy taps the wall, and Steve Cook in the Plymouth Roadrunner puts on quite a show. The camera lost trackside audio halfway through this drag racing video clip, but there is tower audio. Here are the qualifying standings after this third round of Pro Street drag racing: See the full entry for this post &racquo;

SCSN Pro Street Qualifying 2nd Round Drag Racing Video

Street Car Super Nationals drag racing, this is the second round of qualifying from the SCSN 2008 race. Bob Bunker gets a bit wild in his 1955 Chevy, and the Plymouth Roadrunner muscle car carries the front end up in the air a lot further than he should. Plenty of fast drag racers in this video! Here are the qualifying times after this second round of drag racing: See the full entry for this post &racquo;