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Car Crash at Battle of the Imports Drag Race 2006

Serious car crash video of the new Chamo Racing Mazda RX-7. This drag race video was shot during testing. The vehicle rolls over several times, but the driver was not seriously injured, and he is back to drag racing.

NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racer Cory Mac Interview

Interview with NHRA Top Fuel dragster driver Cory McClenathan. He talks about who builds his chassis, the fuel useage for an 8,000 horsepower engine, and how fast his dragster goes. This drag racing video will give you some great insights into what it takes to run with the best. Cory was a VW drag racer back in the day, he used to drive a 4 cylinder dragster.

Drag Race Videos, PSCA Wild Street Class, Fontana, CA July 2008

There is a reason that the Pacific Street Car Association calls this class Wild Street, and it’s not all in reference to running mid-8’s at the quarter-mile drag strip. These doorslammers get with the drag racing program! How about that 1957 Chevrolet muscle car getting a bit loose off the starting line? Heavy metal with a lot of horsepower under the hood. What you will see in these drag race videos is all of the elimination rounds, here are the results from the first round of racing:
Mickey Thompson
Wild Street Class Eliminations, First Round Results
Car # Driver E/T Speed

W-A. Jimenez [email protected]
L- Bye

W-L. Hanna [email protected]
L- D. Schwarz [email protected]

W-G. Raygoza [email protected]
L- J. Hacker [email protected]

W-A. Maghdessian [email protected]
L- A. Houston [email protected]