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Drag Racing Videos: Pro Street Finals, PSCA West Coast Nationals

When the fans come to watch a PSCA race, it’s kind of a given that they will see some new drag racing records being set. This Accufab West Coast Nationals drag racing event was no exception, in the Pro Street class the man to watch was Giuseppe Gentile in his Muscle Motors twin-turboed Ford Shelby GT Mustang. He was running consistent 6.3x’s all day on a hot track, but it was his 229.55 mph record-setting pass that rocked the grandstands. Unfortunately he lost that final round at the tree, to John Mihovetz, the PSCA Pro Street points leader. John won the event after repairing a broken intake manifold in the first round of qualifying.

In this drag racing video clip, keep an eye out for Randy Hagerty, in the nitrous-powered Chevrolet Corvette. In the 1970’s, Randy was an AHRA Pro Stock National Champion, and he’s now running a boosted doorslammer muscle car with the PSCA. Quite a transition, did he carry the front end like that back in the day?

By the way, if you are wondering who is doing the narrative in these drag racing videos, it’s veteran track announcer Mike English calling the shots.

Muscle Car Drag Racing Videos

These drag racing videos cover the first round of Pro Street eliminations, from the PSCA Accufab West Coast Shootout, held at Fontana CA, 7-2008. Eleven qualifiers were battling it out for an eight car field, with some PSCA records up for grabs, and those that made the cut weren’t about to let a little summer heat get in the way of advancing to the next round. If you are new to PSCA racing, the sanction is structured around doorslammers and muscle cars, with the emphasis on a heads-up tree. Here are the race results from Pro Street, the premier class:

Hughes Performance
Pro Street
Driver E/T Speed

W-G. Gentile [email protected]
L- Bye

W-C. Hairston [email protected]
L- A. Hodges [email protected]

W-K. Bluebaugh [email protected]
L- J. Samis [email protected]

W-E. Thornton [email protected]
L- M. Moffat [email protected]

W-J. Mihovetz [email protected]
L- D. Myers [email protected]

W-R. Hagerty [email protected]
L- B. Towne Broke

Pro Street Drag Racing, 3rd Round Qualifying, PSCA Fontana

This drag racing video is from the PSCA Accufab Racing Products West Coast Shootout at Fontana, CA, 7-2008. The AAA Auto Club California Speedway crew kept the track in good condition despite surface temperatures of over 140 degrees. These events feature muscle cars drag racing at over 200 mph.

Thanks to track announcer Bruce Schwartz for his narration.

Final Qualifying Order
Hughes Performance Pro Street
Driver E/T Speed
G. Gentile [email protected]
J. Mihovetz [email protected]
K. Bluebaugh [email protected]
E. Thornton [email protected]
R. Hagerty [email protected]
A. Hodges [email protected]
C. Hairston [email protected]
B. Towne [email protected]
M. Moffat [email protected]
J. Samis [email protected]
D. Myers [email protected]