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Quick-16 Elims, BOTI Sport Compact World Finals 2008

Here are all of the Quick-16 elimination rounds from the BOTI World Finals drag race at Fontana, CA. The final qualifying order is listed below. These are all sport compact drag racing cars. See the full entry for this post &racquo;

VW Drag Racing Video, Quick-16 Qualifying BOTI 2008

VW drag racing video from the Battle of the Imports Quick-16 qualifying sessions. These are just a few random drag racing videos of Volkswagen bugs going down the race track.

Honda Drag Race Video, Pro Import Qualifying, BOTI World Finals 2008

Honda drag race video of sport compact front wheel drive cars at the drag strip. This is the first round of qualifying at the Battle of the Imports Pro Import class, from the BOTI World Finals 2008 race.