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Nostalgia Funny Car Finals Drag Racing Video, 2009 March Meet, A Class

Nostalgia Funny Car Finals drag racing video from the 2009 March Meet. This is the “A” class, the top eight qualifiers out of 27 or so Nostalgia Funny Cars. The next eight quickest qualifiers went into the “B” consolation class, and you can find a drag racing video of those passes listed below. The eight superstars that you see here were vying for the March Meet title, the crown jewel of Nostalgia Funny Car drag racing. This 51st March Meet at Famoso Raceway was the first stop for the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series racers. When the tire smoke had cleared, it was Bucky Austin over teammate Garrett Bateman, in the quickest side-by-side race in Nostalgia Funny Car history. See the full entry for this post &racquo;

AA/FC Final Rounds March Meet 2009 Famoso Raceway B Class

AA/FC final rounds of drag racing, from the 2009 March Meet at Famoso Raceway. This is the “B”, or consolation, class of Nostalgia Funny Cars, which is the second eight quickest qualifiers, out of a field of 27 or so AA/FC drag racers. You can find Nostalgia Funny Car videos of the top eight qualifiers on this website, as well as drag racing videos of the first round of eliminations for the class. This is the 51st running of the fabled March Meet, and it was the first event for the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series racers. See the full entry for this post &racquo;

Nitromethane Funny Car Video, 1st Round Elims, March Meet 2009

Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car video of the first round of eliminations, “A” class, from the 2009 March Meet, at the Auto Club Famoso Raceway. Depending on who you talked to, there were anywhere from 28 to 31 Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars in attendance, not all of which made it into the qualifying rounds. This 2009 March Meet was the first stop on the NHRA Heritage Series drag racing schedule. See the full entry for this post &racquo;