Outlaw Turbo VW Drag Racing Video Hot VWs Drag Day 15

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The debut of the M-SpecMotorSports.com Outlaw Turbo class was off the hook. There were 19 cars trying to qualify for an 8-car field, with virtually no rules, and the winner guaranteed to get over $3,400. The first runner-up earned $1,100, and even if you went out in the first round of drag racing, you still took home $100. Some of the sponsors that donated cash included Bonaco Inc., Urias Racing, Jagermeister, Geers Engineering, U.S Rubber Recycling, Art Gumpfer Motorsports, Vince White Racing, and the Unlimited Street Car crew. Comp Turbo stepped up with $500.00 shop credit for the winner, TurboSmart USA donated product certificates, and BugPack provided $400.00 in product certificates for the winner and runner up.

The class was limited to draw-through turbos and normally aspirated engines with nitrous, but no intercoolers, EFI, or twin power adders like turbo with nitrous. The engine had to be in the rear of the car, but it could be a pan car or a chassis car. Roger Crawford of Heads-up Performance qualified third with his all-motor Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, with two nitrous cars also making the field. Here is the final qualifying order:
1)Eric Calabrese [email protected]
2)Hector Urias [email protected]
3)Roger Crawford [email protected]
4)Scott Stephens [email protected]
5)Lloyd Mosher [email protected]
6)John Meade [email protected]
7)Lance Gregory [email protected]
8)John Valero [email protected]

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