Drag Racing Pro Mod VW Fast Fiat

The Pat McDermott Fast Fiat is back in black! Or should we say back in dinged-up blue? This is the second session on the drag racing car, since the Fontana crash last year. It may not look as clean as it once did, but Pat has changed some things to make the Pro Mod VW-powered Fiat run quicker and go straighter. He raised the transmission slightly, got a taller tire, and did some tweaking on various driver interfaces to make it more functional. Props go out to Ron Lummus Racing for putting a new front half on the tube-chassis car. Pat replaced the unibody shell itself with another body. He ran a 6.11 and a 6.15 in this eighth-mile session, which is only a few hundredths under his previous personal best record in the car.[phpbay]gene berg, 7, “6028”[/phpbay]

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