VW Drag Racing Video: Red Baron vs. Motion Sickness, Outlaw Turbo Class

The HotVWs Drag Day 16 race is nothing more than a memory now, but those who were there will remember the Eric Calabrese vs. Roger Crawford matchup like it was yesterday. Those VW drag racers are a couple of the biggest and baddest heavyweights on the scene today, with the records and the pedigree to prove it. No one ever imagined that they would someday meet up in a battle of the titans, but thanks to M-SpecMotorSports.com, it became a reality. Long story short, for you VW drag racing newbies, Roger has set multiple records in the all-motor PRA Super Street class, while Eric has done the same with Pro Mod. When Marty Staggs came up with this wild idea to put on a heads-up class at the HotVWs Drag Day, Roger stepped up to the plate with nitrous, while the Red Baron went from EFI to carbs on their turbo engine.

So what you’ll see in this VW drag racing video is nitrous vs. turbo, run on a parking lot that was turned into a drag strip. Both lanes are bumpy, but Eric got the worst of the pair, and he ended up spinning around in a 360, then tagging the wall of the oval track. Unfortunately, the video camera was pointed at the scoreboard when that happened, but it did catch the staging battle at the tree. The front end of the Red Baron will need some fiberglass work, but it’s just another day in the life for the crew from Simi Valley.

Outlaw Turbo class sponsored by:
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