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Honda, Toyota, Scion Tc Drag Racing Video, Pro Stock Elims, 2008

Drag racing video from the Battle of the Imports Pro Stock class, at the BOTI World Finals 2008 event. This race had it all, including the Pro Stock Points Championship being decided in the semi-final round. The Pro Stock class rules include minimum weights of 1600-1875 lbs., and allowance for race gas, E85, and methanol. These are mostly four cylinder engines, but two-rotor engines are also allowed in this drag racing class. See the full entry for this post &racquo;

BOTI Pro Stock Drag Racing Video, First Round Qualifying, 2008

Battle of the Imports drag racing video, first round of qualifying in the all-motor pro stock class. These are typically Honda, Mazda, and VW race cars.

you can watch a drag racing video of all of the pro stock elimination rounds from the BOTI World Finals 2008 here.

BOTI Street Performance Drag Racing Videos, Qualifying 2008

This is the third round of qualifying in the BOTI Street Performance class, at the 2008 World Finals event. There were something like 22 cars battling it out for an 8-car field. The Street Performance Class is all-motor, naturally aspirated. Honda Civic is the ride of choice by most of the drag racers.