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Drag Race Video, PSCA Hot Street Class Finals, Fontana CA

This drag race video covers all of the drag racing eliminations, from the second round on through the final round, in the PSCA Hot Street class. You can watch drag racing videos of the first round of PSCA Hot Street here.
These are the results after the second round of eliminations, you’ll have to watch the drag race video to see the winner, but let’s just say that a Ford Mustang has been the car to beat in this class:

Hot Street
Car # Driver E/T Speed

W-A. Velentino [email protected]
L- V. Brum [email protected]

W-D. Bott II [email protected]
L- Bye

W-A. Duron [email protected]
L- J. Mitchell [email protected]

Muscle Car Videos PSCA Hot Street class 1st round eliminations

These muscle car videos are from the first round of the PSCA Hot Street class, 7-2008. Some of the drag racing muscle cars that you’ll see here include a 1970 Chevelle SS, a Chevrolet Nova, Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, and a 1970 Dodge Challenger. Daniel Bott was the points leader of the Hot Street class coming into this race, and he was the third quickest drag racing qualifier with an 8.513 e.t. at 161.88 mph. You can watch drag race video of the final rounds of PSCA Hot Street here.

Edelbrock Hot Street
Car # Driver E/T Speed

W-A. Valentino [email protected]
L- Bye

W-V. Brum [email protected]
L- J. Edmonds Broke

W-D. Bott II [email protected]
L- C. Madsen [email protected]

W-A. Duron [email protected]
L-D. Broddus [email protected]

W-J, Mitchell [email protected]

PSCA Outlaw Street Drag Racing Videos, West Coast Shootout

The last round of qualifying, plus all of the elimination rounds, in the PSCA Outlaw Street drag racing class. These drag racing videos were from the Accufab Racing-sponsored West Coast Nationals.

Accufab Performance
Outlaw Street
Car # Driver E/T Speed

W-R. Zehring [email protected]
L- S. Slotten Broke

W-D. Sikora [email protected]
L- E. Soto [email protected]

W-R. Weems [email protected]
L- R. Snavley [email protected]