This drag racing video shows all of the passes from the fourth round. This is the final qualifying order after four rounds of drag racing at the Hughes Performance Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, NV, 2006. The SCSN brings in Sport Compact, Pro Street, and Pro Mod drag racers from all across America and Canada. They run power adders like turbos, nitrous, & blowers, using mechanical & electronic fuel injection, and carbs.
Driver E/T Speed
*1 Vincent Budano [email protected] *14 Mary Baltzell [email protected] *27 Jay Syvertsen [email protected]
*2 Brad Personett [email protected] *15 Greg Huege [email protected] *28 Garrett Richards [email protected]
*3 Dennis Radford [email protected] *16 Mike Bowman [email protected] *29 Troy Cafaro [email protected]
*4 Matt Scranton [email protected] *17 Gil Nevarrez [email protected] *30 Doug Reed [email protected]
*5 Mike Moran [email protected] *18 Giuseppe Gentile [email protected] *31 Dave Matson [email protected]
*6 John Scalipi [email protected] *19 Rick Pope [email protected] *32 Billy Harper [email protected]
*7 Ed Thornton [email protected] *20 Jay Payne [email protected] *33 Rod Pearce DQ
*8 Gary White [email protected] *21 Brian Lane [email protected]
*9 Randy Walker [email protected] *22 Dal Sangha [email protected]
*10 John Mihovetz [email protected] *23 Steve Paulauskis [email protected]
*11 David Schorr [email protected] *24 Abel Ibarra [email protected]
*12 Lee Smith [email protected] *25 Rash Dhaliwal [email protected]
*13 David Dedrickson [email protected] *26 Robbie Ward [email protected]